About US

Hemp.Coast.Sardinia is a company engaged in the cultivation of cannabis light.

Canapesia, the true hemp liqueur! , is born from a selection of hemp flowers.
From the infusion of flowers and fresh season fruit, we create a wide variety of fruity liqueurs.

The history of the Canapesia Brand

The story of a small distillery born on the West Coast of Sardinia.

It all started about twenty years ago, when Stefano, the owner of the company, moved to The Netherlands. He learned the cultivation techniques of this plant with infinite properties, under the guidance of expert hemp growers.

At the end of 2017, Stefano decides to put his knowledge to good use, with the involvement of his family, by undertaking the cultivation of hemp in Sardinia. Hemp.Coast.Sardinia is born.

Like all innovative ideas, the idea of trying to create a liqueur, was born like this: “one morning while awakening, it was there, like an inspiration!”

Then, to realize it, months of experimentation took place… and in the end, the idea became: CANAPESIA

CANAPESIA is a liqueur obtained with the ancient method of hydroalcoholic infusion of hemp flowers, delicate to the palate, strong taste and intense scent.

At the beginning of 2019, The CANAPESIA DISTILLERY was established.