The Hemp Liqueur with Mango

H as a tropical flavor, made by mixing the sweetest mangos with our hemp flowers, which always bloom at the right humidity level.
Color: gold-ish yellow. Best if drank very cold, goes well with desserts and ice cream. Great for cocktails!


20° ABV
available in 50 Cl/ 20 Cl/ 10Cl

Canapesia liqueurs they come from a personal recipe

From a careful choice of strictly Sardinian ingredients, including some wild, such as myrtle and blackberries, ply pears, and others grown in our fields, a selection of original liqueurs is born.

Hemp is grown in our fields in total absence of chemicals.

Canapesia are artisanal liqueurs and derive from natural ingredients only. The mixing of the ingredients, meticulously selected and dosed, the infusion times studied, so that the aromas and flavors are released into alcohol, give our liqueurs a unique and inimitable taste.